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When Inspiration (doesn't) Quite Strike

Sometimes as much as we might hope, inspiration doesn't quite strike and so we have to seek it out for ourselves. For my latest piece of furniture (Rusted Rose), I knew I wanted to paint the town red, a colour I have never painted with before, but I just didn't quite know where to start.

Often when the inspiration well is running a little dry, I will take myself to Pinterest and create a mood board with lots of fun ideas that I can incorporate into my new piece of art. In this case I knew I wanted something rustic and old world. So I thought I would share with you my favourite pins that inspired this look!

Abandoned Buildings

What better place to start for an old world look then an old abandoned building, which is full of rustic character!


I have a whole board setup for interesting textures, which I love to recreate onto furniture

Olde Worlde

Sometimes just looking at old stuff, really gets the creative juices flowing when wanting a genuine vintage look


Studying rust on an everyday object can really help you with your placement of colour and metallics, for a genuine one of a kind rustic look.

There are lots of other inspiring images that went into creating my very weathered looking piece "Rusted Rose", but these are a few of my favourites. So the next time you're struggling for inspiration, remember that you can find it in the unlikeliest of things!

Jodie x

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