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Upcycle Old Ladders into Rustic Home Decor

These old Step Ladders have been hanging around my workshop for a while now, feeling somewhat unloved!

So I decided it was time to give them a whole new makeover!


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I really wanted to keep the rustic character of these ladder, but bring more colour and vibrancy into them. The first thing I did was mix one scoop of Sea Spray with 4oz of Dixie Belle's Daisy, which is a lovely vibrant yellow. I then stippled on with the Best Dang Brush to give it lots of texture, making sure to leave some of the original finish poking through. The Best Dang Brush was also perfect for this upcycle project due to the large surface area and natural bristle combo, which means I got to cover the whole area in a short amount of time.

I followed the exact same process again but this time with Evergreen. I mixed my Evergreen with Sea Spray and stippled on with the Best Dang Brush, being sure again to leave some of the original and yellow finish poking through underneath.

Next up is Kudzu, which is a very light grassy green. I applied just a touch to a Chip Brush and began to randomly paint in some areas. I used different techniques such as dry brushing and tapping in order to create different textures. This then creates a very soft, chippy patina effect.

Once this had dried but before the Sea Spray had completely hardened, I grabbed a paint scraper and began to scrape off some of that texture. What it created was this gorgeous, natural chippy look!

I also went a little crazy with my scraper and created some random scratches all over the piece (bonus, it was a good stress release).

To finish off with, I used Best Dang Wax in Black, which is a water-based wax.

I put on a heavy amount all over the piece and then removed with a damp rag where I wanted some of the vibrancy of the green to peek through.

And this was the outcome!

I really love how these ladders look so naturally worn.

I feel like they could have have been sat in my garden for years, with layers of paint chipping away.

I love it when old furniture can be transformed and given a whole new purpose. These ladders have been given a totally new lease of life. Also the best thing about Dixie Belle Chalk Paint is that it gives you the ability to create lots of unique faux finishes... we don't always want to wait around for stuff to become naturally worn and weathered, so chalk paint gives us the chance to create the look ourselves!

What do you think? Can you see these working in your home or garden setting? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an awesome time painting!

Jodie x

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