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Transforming an Out Dated Mirror into Faded Grandeur

This old mirror previously had a plain old white veneer on top. It lacked luster and character. I will show you how I brought this back to life with a whimsical faded grandeur style.

I used all Dixie Belle Chalk Paint products to complete this makeover, however you can choose your own. Supply List: - Palmetto - Tree Frog Green - Daisy - Antebellum Blue - Rusty Nail - Waxes: Clear, Brown and Copper

Okay, so the first thing I did was apply a full base of Palmetto onto the mirror. Once this had dried, I then dry-brushed a little Tree Frog Green into the details. By adding layers like this, it creates character and depth.

I then took my Daisy and did the same thing again! If you think about the way old faded grandeur furniture looks, it always has several layers of rich vibrant colours that have been pulled back over time.

So this is where the fun now starts! I mixed up Antebellum Blue in a water misting bottle. I used approximately a 1:5 ratio of paint to water. Make sure you use an old water mister for this, as the paint can clog the misting mechanism! I then sprayed the paint water mixture all over the mirror frame and allowed it to drip. This will create some subtle shading, which will add an additional layer of age to this piece.

Let's bring another colour into this now! Grab your Rusty Nail and an old chippy brush. Now start dry brushing into this into the details. Use an old rag to tap of any excess. Make sure you build this up slowly as the idea is to make the frame look a little weathered.

Now to finish this piece up with wax! Firstly apply clear wax as a base. Then apply your dark wax to areas. Think about where the frame may have most likely have worn down over time and focus mostly on those areas. Lastly, I used a copper decor wax and with a small brush I applied this to the detail. I made sure that I did not fully cover any of the detail, as I wanted the wax to appear as though some of it has peeled away and rubbed off over time.

Voila! You have yourself a one of a kind, faded grandeur piece of decor!

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