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Transform an Old Chair Into a Rustic Staging Prop

Recently I bought a whole bunch of chairs for cheap in an auction; some in better condition then others. Rolling my eyes at some of the less "pristine" chairs, knowing it would be a lot of work to make them saleable, thinking I had done it again (we all have bought furniture on a whim right, only to regret it later?) but then a thought suddenly hit me! Old chairs make great staging props!

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Here are a couple of times I have used chairs for staging with in the past-

In today's blog I want to show you how to get this very decorative, rustic looking chair using WoodUBend and Dixie Belle Paint.

Here's a list of things you will need for your project -

Step 1: Apply Your WoodUBends

First thing's first (after giving your chair a good clean) is that you need to apply your WoodUBends! Make sure you have some top quality wood glue to hand and a heat gun or hair dryer. I began with two sets of the appliques #2347 and applied two at each of the corners. I used my hair dryer to heat up the appliques and the heat causes WoodUbends to bend. This meant that I could then bend them around the corners! Once in position I quickly applied my wood glue and used my hair dryer again to ensure they were smoothly stuck to the wood. Next, I grabbed the #1723 appliques, which are the long ones you see in the middle of the chair. Following the same process again, I heated them up to allow them to bend, applied my wood glue then heated again to make sure they were fully secure. Voila! You now have some ornate detail on your chair ready to be painted!

Step 2: Create Texture with Sea Spray

I am a serious lover of texture and what better way to create a rustic look then with the texture additive Sea Spray! Mixing approximately one scoop of Dixie Belle Sea Spray with 4oz of Mud Puddle in a cup, I stirred until it created a batter like consistency. Then using one of Dixie Belle's cheap chip brushes I began to stipple. It is better to use an inexpensive brush when using Sea Spray and/or stippling, as this can be very harsh on your brush bristles.

I even added the Mud Puddle and Sea Spray mixture to the fabric on the chair for a very authentic worn look. It is only for decoration after all!

Step 3: Build Up Colour with Antebellum Blue

Next up I decided to add some Antebellum Blue which is a lovely teal colour. By layering this colour over the top of the Mud Puddle, it will create the effect that the chair has been painted numerous times over the years and the colours have begun to peel away. For this I used a very old stencil brush with round, natural bristles ensuring not to cover all of the Mud Puddle underneath. The natural, worn bristles help to create mote texture and unevenness when applying the paint. If you don't have this kind of brush to hand then don't worry, one of the Dixie Belle cheap brushes will also work absolutely fine.

Step 4: Patina Time with Drop Cloth!

I decided to go one step further with this rustic look by adding a little Drop Cloth. Using the same brush that I used for the Antebellum Blue whilst the paint was still slightly tacky, I went over in random areas dabbing my Drop Cloth, so as to create a patina. This method worked so beautifully on the WoodUbends too, creating a gorgeous chippy effect!

Step 5: Seal & Age with Best Dang Wax

I hear a lot of people saying then don't enjoy the waxing part of painting, but it is genuinely one of my favourite things to do. It's the part of the process where you really get to bring the whole piece together and decide which bits you would like to enhance. I decided to keep the waxing reasonably simple for this piece. Using the Belle brush I went in there with Best Dang Wax in Clear, which was going to act as my overall sealant. When the wax dries, it hardens protecting the paint. I also really like the matt look wax gives and the fact it seems to bring out the chalkiness in chalk paint much more so then top coats. Using a separate Belle Brush, I applied Best Dang Wax in Black to the WooduBend and edges of the chair, including the seat. Black wax is absolutely the best and easiest product you can use to age a piece of furniture. I really felt this took my chair to a whole new level of old and rustic!

After leaving my wax to cure for 24 hours, it was ready for me to stage with a piece of furniture. This is the only piece I have had a chance to stage it with so far, but check it out below and let me know what you think!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. There are many ways to get creative with staging chairs and other props, this being only one of them! I also love these kinds of projects, because they are totally risk free, allowing you to practice and learn new techniques. Let me know in the comments if you have used a chair as a staging prop before or if this is something you would like to try.

Have a wonderful day my lovely painty friend and as always, Happy Painting.

Jodie xx

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