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Rusted Mediterranean Style Plant Stand

This rustic & rusted plant stand was inspired by the old Verdigris urns of the Mediterranean. I want to show you how today how I achieved this very characterful look.

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Ok, let me show you what the plant stand looked like BEFORE I did anything to it, so that we can see what we are working with here.

Nothing to shout home about right?

Products Used

These are the products you will need to get started!

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Sometimes the smaller pieces are really fun to work with, because they tend to be cheap and you can get experimental with them! I knew straight away that I wanted to give this stand a really rusted look and this is how I achieved it.

First I started by mixing my Midnight Sky with Sea spray, roughly a half a scoop of Sea Spray to 2 oz of Midnight sky. You want to mix it until you achieve a batter like consistency. I then stippled the the textured Midnight Sky all over the plant stand, making sure there was good coverage. This is going to give real colour depth to anything I put over the top of it.

I then repeated the same process with my Mermaid Tail once this had dried. Mermaid Tail is such a fantastic turquoise, which really is going to really embody the Mediterranean Vibe of this piece!

I also made sure when applying my textured Mermaid Tail that I left gaps, to ensure some of the Midnight Sky peaked through. This will help me achieve a more natural rustic look. Think about paint that has been chipping off for a long time!

After leaving the table to dry overnight, I next chopped out pieces of the sunflower transfer and applied on top of the plant stand. It's important to ensure the paint is totally dry when you apply your transfer, so that the transfer doesn't lift the paint off.

Not wanting the transfer looking too stark against the backdrop, I grabbed a 220grit piece of sandpaper and began to lightly sand it back, I love that you can see all of the texture underneath it and that the transfer itself has begun to age! (Be sure to check out my beginner vid below on transfers).

I am already loving how old this piece is looking, but not content with just a little bit rustic, I wanted this piece to be REALLY rustic. So I went ahead and grabbed my Copper & Bronze Patina paint. Using a separate chip brush for each, I began to stipple the metallic paints in random areas.

Before I did anything else, I let the metallic paints dry, using heat to help them bond to the paint. Once they had dried, I went ahead and applied more over the top of the first layer of metallic paint, being sure to also paint little dabs of metallic over the Sunflower transfer so that it looks like it has become weathered like the rest of the piece. I then gave my Patina Spray in Green a really good shake and began to spray this everywhere.

To get a true rusted look, I went ahead and followed this process twice. Unfortunately the patina paints and sprays aren't currently available in the UK, but be sure to check the video below where I show you how you can achieve a weathered look without having to use this spray.

Can you start to see the rust & patina peek through there? This kind of look so has my heart! So I want to make sure that this piece is fully sealed and is also weather resistance in case someone wants to use it outside; as such, I used Dixie Belle's Howdy Do Hemp Oil. I applied this with a Dixie Belle Applicator pad, left it to dry for two hours and then removed any excess. Howdy Do Hemp Oil is a fantastic sealer & is also resistant to weather, making it the perfect sealer choice for this piece!

And here is the finished look!

I totally love how the layers of rust look on this piece.

I also really love how the Sunflower transfer looks just AS aged and as though it has been part of this plant stand forever!

This look was so easy to achieve and yet sooo effective in the way it presents itself as a truly old, rustic piece. There's a lot to be said in there being beauty in imperfection and I think it is never as true as when creating a look like this,

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on rustic looks like this and have you ever tried the Patina range before?

As always guys, look after yourselves and Happy Painting!

Jodie x

Check out my transfer video here -

Learn how to create rust with a homemade patina spray here -

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