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Let's Talk About Dixie Belle Metallics!

One thing I often get asked is, what is the difference between all of the Dixie Belle metallic products? From Gilding Waxes, to Gemstone Mousses and Patina Paints to Moonshine Metallics, let's talk about the differences between each one of these, so that you can choose the right metallic product for your upcycling project!

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Moonshine Metallics

Moonshine Metallics are pigmented water-based Chalk Minerals Paint that come in an array of colours, from golds, blues, greens and even silvery tones! The one you can see in the image above is "Wedding Belle", which gives this piece a satin like sheen. Whilst Moonshine Metallics can be used on their own, it is recommended that they are used on top of a complimentary colour, to add shimmer and depth to your furniture creation! You can mist as you apply your Moonshine Metallic if you wish to create a very soft sheen, or you can apply them straight from the tub if you want to create stronger impact. You can view the entire Moonshine Metallic range here.

Patina Paints

Patina Paints are made to rust! They are available in colours Bronze, Iron and Copper and when spritzed with the activation spray, a natural patina will occur due to the authentic metallic pigments in this paint. However! Did you know that they can be used on their own as a metallic paint too! Due to the fact they can be applied straight to slick surfaces without priming and are also self-sealing, they make the perfect, easy, no-fuss paint to use when you want a more traditional looking metallic! You can view the full patina collection here

Gilding Wax

Gilding Waxes are exactly what they say on the tin! Perfect for highlighting

and accentuating details and hardware, these oil-based waxes are full to the brim with pigments! Whets more, they are self-sealing, so you can apply and go! They are available in an array of metallics as well as the Chameleon Waxes which are shimmery, iridescent colours; so are definitely a product that is always handy to have around! Check out the full Gilding Wax range here

Gemstone Mousse

Last but not least, lets talk about the Gemstone Mousses, which are available in four different colours, three of which you can see in the image above (Garnet, Amber and Golden Gem). The Gemstone mousses are a water-based product with lots of pigment and a rich, creamy, mousse like consistency. They can be used in a similar way to Gilding Wax, however they are much more versatile then Gilding Wax, in that they can be diluted, or left over-night to thicken, or like you see in the image above, they can also be blended! They do however require either a wax of top-coat to seal and also do benefit from Slick Stick on slippery surfaces.

You can see the full range of Gemstone Mousse here

I hope this article has helped you understand some of the differences between all of the Dixie Belle Metallics! As you can see, each one has it's own benefit and it's all about choosing the right metallic for you and your project! Check out the videos below if you want to see some of these products in action.

As always have a great day and happy painting!

Jodie x

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