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How to Upcycle an Exterior Door on a Budget

Have you ever looked at your front door and thought, wow that really needs a face lift. That is exactly what I thought about my front door this Summer.

It is a cheap laminate door that is at least 20 years old, so I decided to give it a one of a kind look while in a budget.

Below is a list of products that I have used by Dixie Belle. If you are in the US you can purchase through my link below. It won't cost you anything extra, but it does help me to create content!

I am also going to take you through how I used each one!

White Lightening

Slick Stick

Paints in Vintage Duck Egg, Blueberry, Hurricane Grey, French Linen and Drop Cloth.

Big Momma's Butter

Best Dang Wax Brown

Gator Hide

I started out by giving my door a good clean with White Lightening, which takes off all the dirt and old icky residue. I then primed with two layers of Slick Stick, which is perfect for slippery surfaces such as this one as it gives the paint something to grip to!

I then got to painting and painted two base coats of Vintage Duck egg.

On my second base coat I mixed a 50:50 solution of Blueberry and Hurricane Grey together and blended into the duck egg around the edges. I also highlighted the middle parts of the door with French Linen.

Working in sections I frequently misted the door to encourage the blending. I used my main colour Vintage Duck Egg to blend out the other colours.

I then grabbed an old Chip Brush and began stippling my step with Drop Cloth. I wanted to keep the stone like texture while giving it a refresh!

Now back to the door! Once the paint had dried, I decided it was time to apply a pretty transfer from Redesign with Prima. I applied the transfer to the middle part of the door and burnished it with a finishing pad when I was done. I also gave it a little sand to encourage an aged look.

I then applied Brown Wax to the corners and area's most like to age.

Lastly two layers of Gator Hide was applied as this is a tough, durable top coat and I wanted to make sure that it would stay waterproof during the raining days!

And voila, we have a new, updated and totally unique door!

I dare say I am the only one in the neighborhood with a door like mine!

Now why don't you give your old door a new facelift! There are some many different colours and styles to choose from that you can make your door uniquely yours.

Have fun painting!

Jodie x

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