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How to Turn Old Books Into a Fun Upcycling Project

I was always told from a young age that it is important to look after my books, as if each one of them is an invaluable precious gem in their own right. So as many of my books sit in abandoned in a box, in my dark, dank loft gathering nothing but dust, I always feel a pang of guilt whenever I would come across them. As an avid upcycler this got me thinking. How can I give these books a new lease on life, just like I do with furniture?

Here is how I got started...

Things you will need, or at least these are the products that I chose, but you are only as limited as your imagination!

  • Hardback Books

  • Glue

  • Chalk Paints - I used Dixie Belle

  • Transfers & Moulds - I used Redesign with Prima

After selecting the books I wish to upcycle, I paint each one in it's own base coat colour. I chose Dixie Belle's Drop Cloth, Mermaid Tail and Hurricane Grey.

After I had a play around, I decided to continue with only two of three books and that was those painted in Hurricane Grey.

Starting with the hurricane grey, I used the Imperial Garden's transfer by Redesign by Prima, which is a very easy peasy but effective way of giving something a new lease of life! Transfers are very straight forward to apply. You place the transfer where ever you would like on your project. Then using the small piece of wood that comes with the transfer, you apply pressure everywhere, essentially this will remove the material from the plastic sheet onto your project. Once you are satisfied it has completely transferred, remove the plastic sheet, smooth out any air bubbles and use Dixie Belle Gator Hide to seal! Voila, your old unused book has now been transformed into a fresh pretty home decor item!

Now for our second book, the creative fun really begins! For my moulds I used Redesign with Prima Aviary and Wilderness Rose. I applied the moulds using paper clay and glued onto my book. It is up to you whether or not you then wish to paint straight away or wait for the clay to drive. Painting straight away may cause more cracks, but it does give a great vintage effect! Using the following Dixie Belle colours, I then painted them on by lightly dabbing with an artist brush, sometimes overlapping some of the colours -

Colours used: Peacock, Ocean, Soft Pink, Peony, Cotton and Amethyst and Chalk Paste in Neptune by Prima.

Lastly, I applied Prima decor wax Eternal for that extra special touch and sealed with Dixie Belle Gator Hide to deal the deal! I'm really pleased with the way this book turned out!

So have fun upcycling those old books of yours! And remember, you are only limited by your own imagination!

Jodie x

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