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Easy Faux Iron Clock Finish with Chalk Mineral Paint

Today I want to show you guys a really easy, effective technique for turning an old boring clock, into something that looks interesting and aged, all with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. Kind of like rusted iron!

Here is what we are starting with today...

There's nothing special about this clock right? But here is a little peak of where it is going to end up...

Firstly, let me tell you what you need for this faux makeover!

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Products Used:

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The first thing I did to start my project was to apply all of my WoodUbends.

I did this by firstly applying the wood glue where I needed it, working with one WoodUbend at a time. I then heated up my WoodUbend with a heat gun to make sure that it would bend around the curves of the clock. I then heated the WoodUbends some more to ensure they were stuck nice and firm to the clock. The WoodUbends I used are listed in the product description above, but I recommend purchasing the ones you like and getting experimental!

The next thing I did was mix one scoop of Sea Spray with 8oz of Midnight Sky. With my Premium Chip Brush, I then stippled this all around the clock.

The Sea Spray will add lots of texture, which will give that rough iron like finish that I am aiming for here. Because the goal is to create a faux finish with this look, I also wanted to make sure that none of the original wood pokes through, so coverage is key here! (Here's a little tip, apply a small amount of Big Mamma's Butta around the edge of the clock face and it will prevent paint from being able to settle and cure on top).

Once the Sea Spray & Midnight Sky had dried, I dry brushed a little of The Gulf over the top of the texture and the Woodubends. So what I mean by this is that I applied a tiny, tiny bit of The Gulf to Premium Chip Brush which is a natural bristle brush and very scratchy, so great for texture. The goal here was just to wipe a tiny bit of the paint over the top to create a worn patina effect. Less is definitely more here!

Last but not least, I sealed this piece with Big Mamma's Butta. I applied an even layer all over the painted areas, including getting into all of the crevices of the WoodUbend. I then left to dry for 15 minutes and wiped off any excess. The wax will then harden and protect the paint!

Here is the finished look...!

What do you think to this makeover? Can you imagine this clock once sitting in an old Victorian home? Faux Finishes are definitely one of my favourite makeovers to do and this one was no exception :-)

Also if you want to see a quick vid of this makeover in action, then check out this Instagram Reel here -

As always look after yourselves and Happy Painting all!

Jodie x

Check out this full YouTube tutorial for an Olde' World Faux French finish -

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