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Choosing a Dixie Belle Transfer for Your Furniture Design

I am a big lover of being experimental when painting my furniture pieces, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard Dixie Belle were bringing out their brand spanking new transfers to their Bells & Whistles lines! Personally, I think these extra touches can really take your piece to the next level, adding additional character and dimension to your creations. However I can understand it can also sometimes be overwhelming when trying to select the right design for your furniture piece, especially if it is a product you have never used before. As such, I want to talk you through transfers I have used so far, including my thought process when selecting them and how I have also manipulated them to suit my furniture design.

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Moonlight Bloom Featuring Floral Romance

This was the first ever transfer that I used from the new Dixie Belle transfer line. Doesn't it look gorgeous against the deep blue backdrop! For this look I blended paints from the Silk Mineral Paint line, with a lighter colour in the middle to highlight. My thought process for this piece was that I wanted the flowers to look like they are being lit up by moonlight. They are definitely the main feature! I was also able to cut out parts of the transfer, so that I could mix & match the exact florals that I wanted for this piece.

Lavender Lane Featuring Lace Transfer

Sometimes transfers don't have the be the main statement! They can work into the softer detail of a piece in order to build on the overall character. On this piece I applied the Lace Transfer over Crackle. It was definitely a spur of the moment thing, which at the time I had no idea whether or not it would work! I then painted over the transfer using the cross-hatch technique to create this look. The transfer has a slight raised texture to it, so by doing this it created a fantastic grungy, worn look.

You can view the Lavender Lane tutorial here

Whimsical Makeover Featuring Alice Part 1

Did you know that transfers can be used over Sea Spray? For this very textured look I used the Alice Part 1 transfer and framed with WoodUBend for the perfect whimsical makeover. What I love about the Alice transfer is that there are lots of different illustrations that you can cut-out and build on, so that you can really make the transfer design your own! When I began this look I knew that I wanted the Alice Part 1 transfer to be the main event, so all of the design was worked around the transfer. I selected my Chalk Mineral Paint colours by closely looking at the colours in the transfer and used a blend that would compliment them the best. You can view the tutorial for this Whimsical Makeover here!

Vagabond Featuring Tropical Leaves Transfer

Okay, so this is a veeerry rustic look, with a very deliberately aged transfer, so let me show you a close-up, so that you can see it better!

What I love about the Dixie Belle transfers is that they are so easy to work with. You can leave them as is for a very classic look. You can also chop them up to create your own unique design and alter them with paints and waxes to change the whole feel of them! That's what I did with this look. I applied the tropical leaves transfer over the textured finish (believe it or not, that is glass underneath), I then sanded back the transfer to allow some of the paint colours to shine through then aged with dark wax! Doesn't it look genuinely rustic and old? You can purchase the tutorial for this look here.

Soft & Pretty Makeover with Cacti & Succulents Transfer

Shh this is a sneaky little peek of a project I am currently working on with a cut-out from the Cacti & Succulents transfer. The transfer adds the perfect elegant touch to this very layered, soft-coloured piece. It is attention grabbing while not overwhelming the whole look, which is exactly what I am striving for with this.

So as you can see, there are lots of different designs you can choose from in the Dixie Belle transfer range, with lots of design directions you can take them in depending on your individual style. Whether or not you would prefer to use a whole transfer on your piece, or you would like to add extra additions such as wax to your transfer, is entirely up to you and totally dependent on your own individual style,

As always though, remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

Happy Painting!

Jodie x

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