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5 Tips for Creating Texture with Chalk Paint

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love texture when painting my furniture pieces. Not only is it great for hiding imperfections you may have had to otherwise fix, but it also offers unique faux finishes and can totally transform wood into stone!

Here are my top five tips for creating texture with Chalk Paint!

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Tip #1 Texture Additive - Dixie Belle Sea Spray

Okay, so I might be going straight for the obvious here, but Dixie Belle Sea Spray is an amazing texture additive that can completely transform your chalk paint finish and one of my absolute favourite products. All you need to do is mix two scoops of Sea Spray with 8oz of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint until it is a cake batter like consistency and then dab onto your furniture. I love to create Olde' Worlde' looks with Sea Spray, but you can create all kinds of styles, from Chippy to Weathered to Boho; all your limited to is your own imagination!

Tip #2 Stipple Your Brush

Stippling (aka dabbing or a bit of "dabby dabby" with your brush) is a great way to create texture! The reason being is that all of those brush bristles that are loaded with paint, are being pushed onto your furniture creating not only unique patterns but also is causing a lot of paint to be applied all in one go.

Tip #3 Natural Bristled Brushes

Unlike the soft material of Synthetic Brushes, Natural Bristles tend to be much more firm and wiry, this means they are likely to create far more texture then their synthetic counterparts. One of my favourite brushes to uses is the Dixie Belle Chip Brushes & Premium Chip Brushes. The reason being is that Sea Spray and Stippling can be kinda tough on your brushes, meaning I love an inexpensive brush that I can easily replace if I need to! Also another little brush tip is that different shaped brushes will create different textures and finishes, so if you love to experiment like I do, it's worth trying out other brushes too!

Tip #4 Don't Add Water

If Sea Spray or Stippling aren't taking your fancy right now, one way I love to create texture is by not using water when I paint. A big go-to technique of mine is to apply a base layer without water, ensuring I brush my Chalk Paint in lots of different directions. This then means the paint gets right into the grain and also gives the impression that it is thicker in some areas then others, setting me up for the perfect rustic look! The Dixie Belle Oval Medium brush is my go-to when using this technique as it is thick with bristles, which means I can easily load more paint onto my furniture piece.

Tip #5 Glazes & Ragging

To finish off my textured piece, I often like to use a glaze followed by the ragging technique. My most used glaze for my signature olde' worlde' style is Van Dyke Brown glaze, which I dilute in a 1:1 water solution before applying to my furniture. Once I applied, I grab either kitchen towel or a clean lint-free rag and I begin to dab. This technique is called ragging whilst also adding an extra layer to the piece, it also creates wonderful depth and dimension!

So there you have it! My top five tips for creating texture with Chalk Paint Have you tried any of these techniques before or are there any you are looking forward to trying? Let me know in the comments below!

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Happy Painting!

Jodie x

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